The Beginning

When I was in sixth grade I had my first exposure to technology, Xanga. Back in the day I would tinker and "consulted" classmates on how to customize and edit their pages using html code, sooner than later, our Xanga sites were riddled with custom colors, photos, scroll bars and all the bells and whistles. This prepared me for my next greatest adventure, Myspace. Now, I was able to implement music, customize top friends lists and even eliminate boring profile sections that were deemed uncool. I thought my skills of customizing websites was top notch, but then, I became competitive. 

Star Wars Galaxies recently launched and I joined guilds and started player versus player combat, where I started to write my own macros to use items and run abilities and program software to improve team commuinications to perform a synchronized chorus to evaporate players. Soon after, I would rewrite code in mods to change the entire user interface of the game to be more effective in battles and evenutally discovered my greatest foe in gaming, mundane resource collecting and leveling. I would customize and integrate software programs to automate the entire process so I could happily sleep at night knowing I will never have to manually click the mouse to collect a resource ever again. 

Since then, I have never stopped learning and creating with technology, I started automating work tasks, analyzing investments, researching data for a variety of life goals and helping improve non profits.

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